About us

The Inspiration Behind Sekret Store


I grew up in Brazil, with a wonderful family, which provided me, since I was little, weekends full of adventure and contact with nature. Granddaughter of two grandmothers who enriched my life with artisanal possibilities, they taught me everything that in their opinion a woman should know, overflowing in me the feminity that lived inside them and two grandfathers who passed me distinct and precious values, such as sensitivity and subtlety that can exist in poetry, as well as the strength and ability to resolve unexpected situations which enabled me to live, always, in an intense and true way, allowing me to adapt to the most diverse environments.
They were the ones who made me believe in dreams, in my ability to make them come true!
I've lived, many times, in Lake Placid/NY, and it was this place that made me fall in love with the mountain, with that cozy and nostalgic lifestyle, who created a dwelling inside me . Walk around LP town and its stores is something magical and it made me immerse myself in my most beautiful emotions... All those little cute things from theirs store amazed me!!! And that's why/how this charming little town became, for me, like my second home. But I always felt inside me, even if i did not have a proper idea what it could be, that I should live in Italy, probably I got this feeling from my “nonno”, so since young I felt like I belong there in anyhow...
So I got organized to open the project of my dreams in Italy, and this is slowly coming true. I want it to be based on a Cottagecore lifestyle, where what matter are basics things like living simply and joyfull, a collection of memories goods, home stuffs and apparel. Hopefully I'll be able to give you a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, as Lake Placid gaves me!!! :-)